This Coffee soap is the best of natural coffee soaps, use it against acne, alergies and to repair damages in your skin .
below where to buy a coffee soap for your face and body.
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the natural coffee soap of Costa Rica!

Coffee Soap For Gifts and Souvenirs
coffee soap for gifts and souvenirs
packed inside box, price for 1 unit: $ 4, for 1 dozen: $ 3.25 each, soap weight: 20 grams

Coffe oap Boxes

Soap Personalized With Any Name You Want
exquisite moisturizing soap with natural coffee aroma.

soap personalized with your name
or the name of your company for souvenirs and gifts.
packed inside plastic bag , price per dozen : $ 2.40 each, soap weight: 20 grams
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Coffee SoapEXAMPLE 3
for gifts packed inside plastic bag, with a tab ( english & spanish) that reads: " presented to:_______" " from:_________"
price per 1 unit: $ 3   USD
per dozen: $ 2 each, Weight: 20 grams

far superior to other medicinal soaps that do not enter the skin, they get stuck in the pores, because, for making the soap bar hard and long lasting manufacturers add paraffin , beeswax, stearin and other undesirable additives.

rich coffee aroma
Our Coffee soap is energizing and having a high content of the best coffee, it has a rich natural aroma freshly brewed coffee.

Coffee soap is superior to many other ordinary soaps, because it contains caffeine, it reduces cellulite and many of allergies affecting the skin and it is also deodorant , removes  bad odors

coffee being a powerful UV filter ( ultraviolet ) in continuous use as a soap , it helps to prevent skin cancer caused by sun exposure .
contains no synthetic detergents.
This soap has been developed by the prestigious CAFEGRAFIA LABS of saul bolaños, visit and see the origins of This wonderful natural soap made in Costa Rica . good facial soap , exquisite and superior.

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SUPERIOR is The Best Coffee Soap

.................................Coffee Beans

..the best coffee soap , cleans, heals and repairs your skin. packed for souvenirs and gifts. buy at wholesale prices:

formulated with selected vegetable oils. vegetable oils naturally rich in vitamin E and completely absorbed by the skin. MINIMUM ORDER OUTSIDE COSTA RICA: $ 50 USD

coffee soap contact us tel 8926 2856 buy and resell

A soap to cleanse, nourish and disinfect without clogging the skin pores is absolutely necessary to maintain healthy skin. your organism detoxifies the body through sweat .

skin breathes through the pores and generates sebum which comes out through the pores, this causes the skin to naturally cleanse itself .

when the pores are clogged. blackheads, pimples and zits can form. These pimples , blackheads or whiteheads were first healthy natural fat compounds that got stuck at the end of the pore and were eventually contaminated with dirt and not being evacuated, gradually became infected .

obviously , to keep pores uncongested so that the natural fat from the skin does its job of cleaning ...

it is desirable to wash with soap formulated without substances or ingredients that seal the pores, any additive added to the soap should not inhibit its penetration into the pores for cleaning.

the mantle of human skin is Acid . microbes love acid media because they can live and reproduce  easily .
a real soap, like our coffee soap ( not a synthetic detergent ) is called " neutral ", but it is not, actually in contact with water, it forms an alkaline soap.

the type of microbes that affect the skin can not live in alkaline media, for that reason, a neutral or alkaline soap never biodegrades and needs no preservatives or the inclusion of irritating antiseptics ( which can be dangerous) to preserve it.

A soap neutral or alkaline type, cleans and sterilizes better the acid mantle of the skin, than a synthetic detergent, provided that the soap has no paraffin, beeswax, stearin or additives that get stuck in the pores. Our Coffee soap is superior to many other good soaps     ( neutral type) because:

is the first place it is formulated with vegetable oils rich in nutrients which have been selected because they are easy and completely absorbed by the skin. and second because our proprietary process leaves the coffee with in the soap with its full benefits without any trace of oxidation, this to impart its maximum healing action on your skin
in Most commercial soaps, the purpose of the formula is to make a soap with a minimum of cost, a long lasting hard bar with cheap raw materials and perfumed with synthetic fragrances.
in our natural coffee soap, the objective of the formula, no matter of its cost ; is to clean, heal and repair the skin..

coffee beans where was this wonderful soap developed ?
CAFEGRAFIA Coffee Art Museum Costa Rica
in the coffee art museum of costa rica 

at the CAFEGRAFIA research Labs...
base for coffee soap - a large number of vegetable oils to be saponified were investigated and used as a basis for our coffee soap . These were tested alone and in combination with one another .

the best were selected with these criteria : - " the oil should be completely absorbed by the skin, must be rich in natural nutrients and vitamins, particularly vitamin E "

should also be odorless or with an odor that would enrich the aroma of coffee .
also investigated were many types of coffee; preparing modes and manners of introducing it into the soap without the coffee suffering oxidation or loss of any of its good properties.

Superior Coffee Soapafter many attempts a coffee soap was achieved  that worked better than other commercial soaps.

We made not a hard bar, this bar of soap is soft and wears faster than other bar soaps because it is designed to penetrate, clean and nourish the skin.

the result was a soap with more benefits, its natural nutrients are absorbed through the skin.

it can also be applied to the hair as a naturally medicated coffee shampoo. to help control dandruff, seborrheic fat, redness, swelling of the skin and scalp.
This coffee soap does not cause dermatitis, on the contrary, it reduces or prevents its appearance.
it is a Luxury soap, soft, creamy, therapeutic and with a rich natural aroma of fresh coffee.

all Natural offee Soap
we obtained what we wanted, a facial soap better than others. This Coffee soap was tested on the skin of many people with very beneficial and encouraging results.
That motivated us and we are pleased to have solved some of the most common problem pertaining to skin conditions. simply wash your face and hands twice a day with this coffee soap.

many creams and medications for skin treatment cost up to 20 times more and sometimes are counterproductive because its preservatives and synthetic additives cause irritations and allergies.

Medicinal Coffee Soapcoffee soap is medicinal, it can be used as a shampoo on the hair

first wash your hair with shampoo that you usually use, his to remove all dirt, and after rinsing

apply the coffee soap, leave on the scalp for at least two minutes and rinse with warm water. avoid contact with eyes.

Coffee soap is astringent and antiseptic , used 3 times a week will soon remove dandruff and heal wounds in the scalp.

to apply on the hair , first wet soap and rub between the hands so as when dissolved the soap remains smeared onto them,

then apply the coffee soap residue lodged between your hands all over your hair and
scalp, repeating the action until the hair is saturated with soap.

SUPERIOR coffee Soap Made In Costa Rica
most persons who buy  this soap once, will buy it again.

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